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Landscaping (continued)

... continued from previous post

Now that the water drainage and stairs are in, time to lay down the stone in a new pattern. The old stone will be reused in the middle of the yard, and new stone, not cut in geometric shapes, so natral looking, will be on the edges, as a design feature.
Here is the beginning stage. It is almost like a giant puzzle. Except that each piece weighs a ton.

Once the stone was laid, it was time to move to the back corner of the yard. Basically, the one with the chronic problem of water, no shade, and really just a mud pit for most of the time. To manage the water, we have dug up the trenches, with will hold corrugated pipes and rocks, and will take the water away from the house and into the french drains. Here is one of the ditches.
And here is the final result.
The water drainage and the ditches are hidden by the river rock, so it looks like a dry river bed. That section of the yard that was always the mud pit, has now been covered with pebbles. We already…

Landscaping: Part 326

Just kidding. It's only part 26 ;-)

If you may recall, back in 2015 we had a master landscaping done by Jennifer Bakshi of Urban Oasis. Here it is. This Spring, in addition to doing the work on the chimney at the front of the house, we also decided to do the phase 1 of the landscape plan. It was time. So, this post describes the work already completed several months ago, but it gives me something to write about, as we are not going to be doing any work this Fall.

This is our starting point. When we first purchased the house, the section of the yard that was above the retaining wall was a forest. Lots of trees, tall bushes, grasses, not very hospitable. Within a year of moving in, we hired Terra Graphics to level it, and fence it off, since herds of deer had a tendency to spend a lot of time there. This worked beautifully. But, now is time to address the area directly outside of the house. Because the top was wild, the previous owners, basically used the bottom part as both seating…