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Test run for the new fireplace

Not a whiff of smoke. And, more importantly, it is absolutely stunning.

Cheeky cheeks

It is remarkable things one learns when doing construction and restoration project. This is how I learned today that sides of the insert, which will contain tiles, are called "cheeks". Go figure. This is what our cheeks will look like:
One of the reasons the insert has been on back order for 6 months are these tiles. They are historic reproduction, much like the insert itself. However, these are hand painted. It turned out that we would have actually had to wait another 3 months for these, but our contractor, Mark Schaub from Chimney Savers, actually had a set in his storage. So, we are using these, which are about 20 years old. And, I hope, all the better for it.

Time to instal the insert

This project is moving so smoothly, it's daunting. It looks like we will have a new, working, nonsmoking fireplace in time for, well, this weekend. Here is what the filled in box looks like:
After the not-so-original firebox was removed, the space needed to be re-framed, as the insert is cast iron, so very heavy. This is why you see the new sheet-rock in the background. And this is what the insert looks like from the back:
I must admit, I didn't realize it will be that shallow, but our contractor tell us there will be a very significant difference in the amount of heat generated, not to mention absence of draft. We shall see.