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Just because...

It has been a long winter. It has been a good winter, too. Lots of snow, big fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, and a lot of sledding and skiing. But, the snow has melted. And that means it's time to get to work at The Cedars. And, because we like a good challenge, we decided to tackle not one, but two major outdoor projects. Yes, you read that right. Two.

Let's start with the chimney.
For years now, we have been talking about rebuilding the top of the chimney. It has been in bad shape when we bought the house, and the time we spent in the house not fixing it, didn't help. This turned out to be a 3-step process. We had to hire 2 different contractors, and coordinate import of a fireplace insert from England.

The company is called Stovax. They make reproduction fireplaces and fireplace inserts, among other things, that very closely mirror any particular time in history. These fireplaces are quite spectacular, and we thought one of these inserts will be a great solution for the mess that is our living room fireplace. I always hated that mantelpiece. The box is constantly smoking. And if we don't have a fire going on cold days, the living room feels like a drafty ice box. So, we ordered the insert in January. And it is on back order. I am not joking.

So, while we wait for it, we decided to start on the exterior work for the chimney. We hired a local company called Elite Chimney. Their job is to tear down the top of the chimney, up to the roof, rebuild the top (replacing the flute in that portion of the chimney), and re-point the entire height of the chimney, from the top to the bottom, all three floors.

This is day one. The scaffold is up and the demo will start tomorrow. Wish us luck.


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