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This is interesting

So, being busy with work and travel sports, we haven't really paid much attention to the chimney. Well, that and the fact that it was covered most of the time. In any case, they uncovered it today, and needless to say, this is NOT what we expected to see.
Both hubby and I had this nagging suspicion that the chimney was looking a little too slender. That's because it was. The contractor has taken upon himself to rebuild the chimney not like it was, but what they thought it should be. Note to reader, if you ever drive by our house, you will notice that the chimney is a rather unique and rather distinct architectural feature on our house. And it's original shape balances the house well. The new shape, let's just say, did not.

The situation got pretty ugly pretty fast, I am sorry to say. To the point that my usually calm and collected husband chased the workers of the property when they tried to collect the tools and take down the scaffold, and told them to tell their boss…

Repointing a chimney is a messy job

EVERYTHING is covered in mortar dust. Everything. And it's a beautiful spring outside. I guess we'll admire it from the inside. This work needs to get done.

Just because...

It has been a long winter. It has been a good winter, too. Lots of snow, big fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, and a lot of sledding and skiing. But, the snow has melted. And that means it's time to get to work at The Cedars. And, because we like a good challenge, we decided to tackle not one, but two major outdoor projects. Yes, you read that right. Two.
Let's start with the chimney. For years now, we have been talking about rebuilding the top of the chimney. It has been in bad shape when we bought the house, and the time we spent in the house not fixing it, didn't help. This turned out to be a 3-step process. We had to hire 2 different contractors, and coordinate import of a fireplace insert from England.

The company is called Stovax. They make reproduction fireplaces and fireplace inserts, among other things, that very closely mirror any particular time in history. These fireplaces are quite spectacular, and we thought one of these inserts will be a great solution…