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Landscaping: Master Plan

Over the last several years, we tried to spend as much time as possible in our backyard. This task seemed very difficult, especially once the summer heat really kicked in, because of the mosquitoes. They were just about impossible to control. We tried everything: sprays, sticks, zappers, nothing worked. As a last ditch effort, we got the Mosquito Magnet. And, it worked. Not perfectly, but it made being outdoors bearable. So much so, that we are again thinking about how to improve our backyard.

This is where Jennifer Bakshi, our neighbor and landscape architect comes in. We have commissioned her to create a master landscaping plan, one that will enhance our outdoor spaces, and compliment the grandeur of the house. This is the final product:

We are very excited with some of the solutions she presented us with, and are looking forward to implementing them.

New Year, New Project

Finally, finally, the plans are done, and we are boldly undertaking the renovation of the bathrooms. Well, bathroom. Gut jobs are expensive, man... We had a budget in mind that included full renovation of 2 bathrooms, staggered over the period of 3 months. Unfortunately, it would appear it was completely unreasonable. We were short, like, 20 grand. Crazy.

In any event, the kids bathroom HAD to be done, as both the sink and the tub just stopped working, so we finalized the plans and submitted them to the permit department. Wish us luck.