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Montclair Pop-Up, version 2

Dear readers, the project Montclair Pop-Up is happening again!

Our address this year is 28 S. Fullerton Ave. See you at the shop!

P.S. Because I will be busy there, not much will happen in the house or on this blog. See you in the New Year.

Really Montclair?!?!?

This will probably come back to haunt me, but I have to write it. Like, REALLY Montclair Sanitation Department?!? Is it really that difficult to place the garbage bin standing up, with the lid on, the way you found it this morning when you came to pick up the garbage?

Honestly, what is wrong with you people?!? First, the size of the receptacle is reduced to 35 gallons, then you decided you no longer wanted to shake the garbage out, but it had to be placed in bags, which you then removed from the garbage bin at will, meaning, yes, there was always at least one left at the bottom AFTER you picked up the garbage. This. Is. Ridiculous.

Our taxes have gone up 2% AGAIN this year, yet, our services are not improving. I have to call the Municipal office EVERY MONTH about this. It improves for a week or two, then we are back chasing our damn bins down the street. Come ON!!!

This is YOUR job. Emptying the garbage bins, and being at least aware that the bin you are throwing down the street is s…