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Favorite Time Of Year

One of the many things my husband and I share, is the love of Fall season. Between September 20 and December 1, every day is almost magical. All of our family birthdays are in the span of those 3 months. The weather is always perfect, even when it rains. The colors, the smells. Everything. One of the things that makes us especially happy is the Moonlight Blaze at the Van Dyk Manor. It is a free event for the community, with many people coming far and wide to enjoy the craftsmanship of the installation, yummy snacks, and fun outdoor time with neighbors.

The Van Dyk family lives in Montclair. At the event, they were collecting donations for the Food Pantry, and my husband said they should just charge admission. One of the volunteers said to him: They would never do that. This event is their gift to their community.

Well, thank you, Van Dyk family.


For two years now, since we finished her room, I was looking for the "just right" bedside table for our daughter's room. Well, here it is. I bought this Ethan Allan table from a local swap site for $20. It had a few small nail polish stains, as well as scuffs on the legs. So, I sanded it, took the paints we used in her room, and simply repainted it. Since those were latex paints, the table needed to be shellacked. Shellacking will also help with the future cleaning, as I'm sure my daughter will spill nail polish on it in years to come. At least.