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Showing posts from August, 2014

New Digs for the Fish

Our little pets, still alive after being with us for 9 months, have been growing like crazy. Must be the water. Or the phosphate content in the water (wink, wink). In any case, the little glass bowl became too constraining, so we decided to upgrade.

They now live in a brand, spanking new 25 gallon tank, with automatic lights and filter. No more poop scooping for me. Yay!

Another Summer, Another Project

This summer marks sixth year that we have lived in the house, which included raising 2 very active children, and visits from many of their friends. Naturally, after 6 years of "Hurricane Children", our walls looked, well, bad. And, we needed a change. Aaaaand, I needed a project to correct that hideous green I chose when I was pregnant. Whatever was I thinking?

In any case, the dining room was beautifully updated in Salmon (salmon run by Benjamin Moore, to be exact), and the upstairs sitting room got gorgeous pearl-essence stripes, compromise between hubby and me. I wanted wall paper. We are very pleased with the results. The sitting room looks much more distinguished and soothing, and the salmon completely brightened and opened up the dining room.

What to you think?