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So, yeah, this happened

We woke up this morning to this. 64 degrees Fahrenheit inside. Every attempt to revive the brand new gas-powered boiler failed.

The kids and I are off to the neighbors house, while hubby waits for the repairmen.

UPDATE: After a record number of 6 visits in one day, they've finally figured out what was wrong. And it was the youngest man in the crew. He actually read the instructions. No joke. So, to Orlando's mom - you raised a good man. After reading the instructions, he realized that the new boiler was never skimmed of the machine oil that was used in the production. This oil would bubble as the steam was created and trigger the shut off switch. Every 30 minutes. In any case, he threw some chemicals in the boiler 3 times and replaced the water, also 3 times. It looks like we are good to go.