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Montclair Pop-Up, version 2

Dear readers, the project Montclair Pop-Up is happening again!

Our address this year is 28 S. Fullerton Ave. See you at the shop!

P.S. Because I will be busy there, not much will happen in the house or on this blog. See you in the New Year.

Really Montclair?!?!?

This will probably come back to haunt me, but I have to write it. Like, REALLY Montclair Sanitation Department?!? Is it really that difficult to place the garbage bin standing up, with the lid on, the way you found it this morning when you came to pick up the garbage?

Honestly, what is wrong with you people?!? First, the size of the receptacle is reduced to 35 gallons, then you decided you no longer wanted to shake the garbage out, but it had to be placed in bags, which you then removed from the garbage bin at will, meaning, yes, there was always at least one left at the bottom AFTER you picked up the garbage. This. Is. Ridiculous.

Our taxes have gone up 2% AGAIN this year, yet, our services are not improving. I have to call the Municipal office EVERY MONTH about this. It improves for a week or two, then we are back chasing our damn bins down the street. Come ON!!!

This is YOUR job. Emptying the garbage bins, and being at least aware that the bin you are throwing down the street is s…

Favorite Time Of Year

One of the many things my husband and I share, is the love of Fall season. Between September 20 and December 1, every day is almost magical. All of our family birthdays are in the span of those 3 months. The weather is always perfect, even when it rains. The colors, the smells. Everything. One of the things that makes us especially happy is the Moonlight Blaze at the Van Dyk Manor. It is a free event for the community, with many people coming far and wide to enjoy the craftsmanship of the installation, yummy snacks, and fun outdoor time with neighbors.

The Van Dyk family lives in Montclair. At the event, they were collecting donations for the Food Pantry, and my husband said they should just charge admission. One of the volunteers said to him: They would never do that. This event is their gift to their community.

Well, thank you, Van Dyk family.


For two years now, since we finished her room, I was looking for the "just right" bedside table for our daughter's room. Well, here it is. I bought this Ethan Allan table from a local swap site for $20. It had a few small nail polish stains, as well as scuffs on the legs. So, I sanded it, took the paints we used in her room, and simply repainted it. Since those were latex paints, the table needed to be shellacked. Shellacking will also help with the future cleaning, as I'm sure my daughter will spill nail polish on it in years to come. At least.

So, this happened

We woke up this morning to find this is our dining room. I think of it as a birthday present to me. Thanks, Sun.

New Digs for the Fish

Our little pets, still alive after being with us for 9 months, have been growing like crazy. Must be the water. Or the phosphate content in the water (wink, wink). In any case, the little glass bowl became too constraining, so we decided to upgrade.

They now live in a brand, spanking new 25 gallon tank, with automatic lights and filter. No more poop scooping for me. Yay!

Another Summer, Another Project

This summer marks sixth year that we have lived in the house, which included raising 2 very active children, and visits from many of their friends. Naturally, after 6 years of "Hurricane Children", our walls looked, well, bad. And, we needed a change. Aaaaand, I needed a project to correct that hideous green I chose when I was pregnant. Whatever was I thinking?

In any case, the dining room was beautifully updated in Salmon (salmon run by Benjamin Moore, to be exact), and the upstairs sitting room got gorgeous pearl-essence stripes, compromise between hubby and me. I wanted wall paper. We are very pleased with the results. The sitting room looks much more distinguished and soothing, and the salmon completely brightened and opened up the dining room.

What to you think?

Ants, ANTS, everywhere

Every spring and summer without a fail. But, every time in a different spot. This is our nick-knack drawer. Thankfully, the remote for the A/C was in it. A recommendation for a good exterminator? Anyone?

Oil to Gas Conversion: Results

I am happy to report, after the very snowy and cold and long winter, that during peak months, the heat bill didn't go over $600. It was amazing! The new boiler worked like a beast through pretty much everything, after the few initial snafus.

Highly recommend it.

Snow. Again.

I want to say I give up, but I'm pretty sure we have a lot more coming, since it's only February. So, gloves on and let's build a snowman.

Happy Winter!

It's snowing. Again.

So, yeah, this happened

We woke up this morning to this. 64 degrees Fahrenheit inside. Every attempt to revive the brand new gas-powered boiler failed.

The kids and I are off to the neighbors house, while hubby waits for the repairmen.

UPDATE: After a record number of 6 visits in one day, they've finally figured out what was wrong. And it was the youngest man in the crew. He actually read the instructions. No joke. So, to Orlando's mom - you raised a good man. After reading the instructions, he realized that the new boiler was never skimmed of the machine oil that was used in the production. This oil would bubble as the steam was created and trigger the shut off switch. Every 30 minutes. In any case, he threw some chemicals in the boiler 3 times and replaced the water, also 3 times. It looks like we are good to go.