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Oil To Gas Conversion

Let's just say that this was not a most welcome sight you would want to have in your front yard. Especially not after spending months not being able to use front of your house due to construction. In any case, we feel it had to be done. The cost of oil to heat the house was astronomical, bordering on cost-prohibitive. We tried everything we could to save, but it just kept going up. We are hoping that with this conversion, as well as the new insulation on the bottom floor, we can get the cost of heating to under $900 a month in the winter months. Fingers crossed!

The Results

So, how do you like it? We are very pleased with the results. It certainly stands out among the other houses in the neighborhood. What is more, many of the amazing architectural features are now being seen in their best light. Huge thanks to our architect, Mark Wright of Wright & Robinson, for making sure we don't stray from these colors, however hard everyone, including our painters, tried to disuade us from.