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Color me impressed!

We are up and running!

I didn't believe it, but it's done. These guys are amazing. There is ZERO damage to the house. They simply ran the flexible ducts through the floors and walls. There were a few odd places, like the bedroom in the attic, and in some cases they needed to use closet space, but the ducts are out of the way and didn't eat out our storage real estate. Most importantly, they were careful to get most of the dust contained and vacuumed. I am looking forward to the comfort of cool air for the rest of our summers here.

The work was done by Air Group. They are located in Whippany, and are a local, family-owned business. If you are having similar work done, we highly recommend them.

Central Air

So, I woke up this morning and found this in my driveway. Hubby made an executive decision that his white northern European genetics simply can't stand the humidity and the heat of the New Jersey summer any longer. He hates the look of the window units, he hates the noise they make, he hates having to take them off and put up every season... Well, you get the idea.

Honestly, I am glad that he did it. I personally can't justify the cost, considering we have so much going on right now, but I have to say, it will be pleasant not listening to him complain. And having cold air hit you in the face when you walk into the house. And not beg him to take the A/C's out of the attic and install. And the savings in electricity.

OK, fine, if makes perfect sense to do it. I am persuaded. I've been told that they will be done by Wednesday noon. It's Monday. Let's see.