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Addition to the Family

For many years now, the kids have been talking about getting a pet: hamster, cat, dog, squirrel, possum, lizard, anything... Well, it turns out that our son was allergic to the most common household pets, cats and dogs, and I was not going to allow any of the others across my threshold.

Until our daughter showed up from school with this: TADAH!!!

Meet our new pet fish. Apparently, she won them in the school raffle. She left home with a list of people she needed to get gift for at the Christmas Bazaar and $10, and she came back with FISH.

From what I can deduce, she bought me earring for $1, and them sunk the rest of the money into the raffle. There is a silver lining somewhere in there, right?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours


I guess we can say we have finally arrived. Or at least this mailbox.

We've ordered it about 4 months ago, only to receive a notice about 2 months ago, that the company has gone bankrupt. No joke. Well, the good news is that these mailboxes are made in Germany, and the supplier, being German, did not go bankrupt, just the U.S. importer.

At long last, it arrived at our doorstep yesterday, and, it's amazing. What do you think?

Hubby's comment: We are NEVER moving again.

Coming Soon!

This is a new project, which will, hopefully, generate some income for me and my partner, Helene Richman of brandhelene.

You can follow the progress here:

See you at the little shop that could ;-)

A Better View

Looking back at the posts, I realized that the photo of the finished house was not very flattering. So, here's one in beautiful autumn light.

Oil To Gas Conversion

Let's just say that this was not a most welcome sight you would want to have in your front yard. Especially not after spending months not being able to use front of your house due to construction. In any case, we feel it had to be done. The cost of oil to heat the house was astronomical, bordering on cost-prohibitive. We tried everything we could to save, but it just kept going up. We are hoping that with this conversion, as well as the new insulation on the bottom floor, we can get the cost of heating to under $900 a month in the winter months. Fingers crossed!

The Results

So, how do you like it? We are very pleased with the results. It certainly stands out among the other houses in the neighborhood. What is more, many of the amazing architectural features are now being seen in their best light. Huge thanks to our architect, Mark Wright of Wright & Robinson, for making sure we don't stray from these colors, however hard everyone, including our painters, tried to disuade us from.

Color me impressed!

We are up and running!

I didn't believe it, but it's done. These guys are amazing. There is ZERO damage to the house. They simply ran the flexible ducts through the floors and walls. There were a few odd places, like the bedroom in the attic, and in some cases they needed to use closet space, but the ducts are out of the way and didn't eat out our storage real estate. Most importantly, they were careful to get most of the dust contained and vacuumed. I am looking forward to the comfort of cool air for the rest of our summers here.

The work was done by Air Group. They are located in Whippany, and are a local, family-owned business. If you are having similar work done, we highly recommend them.

Central Air

So, I woke up this morning and found this in my driveway. Hubby made an executive decision that his white northern European genetics simply can't stand the humidity and the heat of the New Jersey summer any longer. He hates the look of the window units, he hates the noise they make, he hates having to take them off and put up every season... Well, you get the idea.

Honestly, I am glad that he did it. I personally can't justify the cost, considering we have so much going on right now, but I have to say, it will be pleasant not listening to him complain. And having cold air hit you in the face when you walk into the house. And not beg him to take the A/C's out of the attic and install. And the savings in electricity.

OK, fine, if makes perfect sense to do it. I am persuaded. I've been told that they will be done by Wednesday noon. It's Monday. Let's see.

Porch Restoration