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Neverending story

Oh, for the love of .... What now?!?

A wonderful surprise!

For years now, we have been trying to locate the images and the information about the original fireplace in the parlor. The one that is currently there is just so, well, ugly. It just doesn't fit with the house.

So, a few days ago, the ever wonderful Sue Rainey, Fenn's biographer, emailed me this photo.

We were ecstatic. Apparently, Fenn's great-grandson has this, and many other, photos of the house interior. Hopefully, he will want to share it with us as we continue this work.

Funny thing, though. Right before this email from Sue came, my husband and I were debating if we should sell the house. All the work we put it, and tons more that still needs to be done, and, oh, year, our tax bill going up 30%... Anyway, we were in the process of debating this, and then the email with this photo came. Coincidence?! Hubby thinks it's Fenn's ghost telling us to continue. I, of course, don't believe in ghosts, but the timing is peculiar, don't you think?

Did you see that?!?

Hope everyone is OK.

Berry Bake-Off at Toni's Kitchen

It was a great break from the construction routine, so I spent 2 days baking several off-the-wall berry items (off the wall, get it?! :)). The Rosemary Shortbread Pizza was a crowd favorite, but unfortunately, hasn't won any awards. In words of one of the tasters: Well, I guess the audience has a more sophisticated palette than the judges. Ouch!

Be that as it may, I strongly encourage you to get involved with this great organization. See you in the kitchen.

It is finally time

The craters in the driveway started to become dangerous, so we figured it's time to do it. And, since the paver was already there, we figured we might as well replace the sidewalk as well. I mean, we were tripping, I can't imagine what it felt like for the unsuspecting passer by.

A new addition

The window work has begun...

All the work has been performed by the wonderful crew from Classics Reborn.


It was not meant to be. You will not see this lady hitting the gavel. Congratulations to the winners, and let's hope for better 4 years from the new Township Council.

Yes, I know...

I should officially resign my post as blogger. But, honestly, if it wasn't for this blog, I wouldn't know what exactly happened since we got here. So, we are sort of writing our own history.

Anyway, some interesting news: the elections are upon us. And yours truly pulled a packet for the 2nd Ward Councilor. Yes, I know, crazy. Trust me, more than one person mentioned that. But, let's see what happens. The game of politics is dirty, especially in this town. I was told I was too good and too smart for that. While I appreciate the compliments, it seems a better option than to just sit back and complain. We'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And, oh yeah, I've updated the blog with some of the recent work we've done. Yay!

New Year, new room

The painters spent the days between the Christmas and New Year finishing up the room. Because they were so quiet, and because we haven't let the kids go into the room until the construction was finished, when we finally opened the door for them this morning, there was complete mayhem. They were rolling, running, jumping, almost making us rethink the purpose of the room.

That's our daughter enjoying her renovated room.