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Happy Holidays!

Dear neighbors,

We wish you a happy and healthy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year, and any other holiday that we might have missed. We hope your New Year is full of good things.

The walls are up!

I know, seriously?! Who gets this excited about sheetrock?! Me, apparently.
Just realized I've been very remiss in not mentioning the contractor. Sorry. The company name is Classics Reborn. They are Montclair based. Great guys. Highly recommend them.

Surprise inside the walls

Yesterday, as we were looking at the progress, and planning the mill work that will replace the built in cabinet that was there before, I saw a little piece of paper peeking behind the plaster. So, naturally, I pulled it. This is what it was:
I was trying to find an explanation online, but not much luck. Especially since my Spanish is so limited. Any help from you guys? Any ideas? Is this souvenir from Spain or Latin America, or something they might have seen in New York?

Ready to go!

All fixed. The new drain is ready to go, so we can start closing up the ceiling and the walls. This is so exciting. We might actually have this room back by Christmas. Shoot, now that I said that...

Back to basics

Finally! We have found a contractor and the demolition has been completed. In, like, one day. It was amazing. They came in at 8 in the morning, taped everything up, took out the ceiling, took out the built in cabinets, and done all of that through the window. We haven't heard the peep from them! Check this out:

As always, whenever we open the walls, we find something amazing behind them. Well, apparently, what are now our kids' room, have been connected with the door under the staircase. I went back to the original drawings, and saw that the room currently under construction was a nursery, and it was connected to the room that belonged to the Lady of the house. Amazing!

You see, in those days, nurseries were always placed far from the parents bedrooms, usually in the attic, next to the servants rooms, so not to disturb the parents. But, I guess, because Harry Fenn's studio was in the attic, kids were designated to the same sleeping floor as adults. Also, the fact that the mo…