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Interior decorating

If you knew us in person, you would know that we are definitely not decorators, but despite that have a very particular sense of style. So, now that nothing is leaking or rotting away (that we know of), we decided to turn our attention to the interior.

For the last two years that we have been in this House, we used the ultramodern furniture we brought over from our loft apartment in New York City: the lime green Cielo sofa, Cellula chandelier, glass coffee table by Milmueble, various pieces by Herman Miller, almost the entire catalog of Design Within Reach, and you get the picture. Not particularly Victorian. That is to say, while the pieces were beautiful and well designed, they looked very out of place in this House. On the other hand, we were not big fans of period furniture, either. While the House is Victorian, all the furniture doesn't need to be.

That got us thinking: what exactly should our furniture be like? This started us on a long and laborious process of visiting every …

Snowdrops are blooming!

It is simply amazing that nature is a force that cannot be stopped or tamed. After all the work we've done in our backyard, this is what we woke up to this morning:

Beautiful, isn't it? What, you thought I would be upset, having spent thousands of dollars for a perfect lawn? You must have me mistaken for my husband. I hate lawns [laugh].

There is snow in the forecast, but it looks like it's the last one. So, here's to that.

Mr. Fox

Yes, well, wonders never cease around here, right?

These days we are being awakened at all hours of the night by an altogether different animal - a fox. So, imagine our surprise when we saw our new backyard tenant hanging out under the old linden tree in the middle of the day.

Interestingly, I didn't find it that troubling, but the husband wants us to talk to the trapper again. Honestly, I wouldn't mind revisiting the groundhog issue again as well, since now there appear to be 2, one under the back porch and one under the front porch. Awesome.

They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our favorite backyard yapper is back: the wild turkeys. And they are freakin' LOUD.

They woke us up at 5 am this morning, and then they refused to leave. Seriously, they were going to charge me when I went out to shoo them away. Crazy birds.

Well, at least the spring must be near, right?