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A visit to Thomas Edison's House in West Orange

Since I knew that if I didn't act immediately, my planned visit to the Glenmont, Thomas Edison's house in West Orange, would probably fall by the wayside, I went there the next day it was open. And yet again, I was amazed by the things that I knew nothing about that were practically in my backyard.

The Glenmont is located in the Llewellyn Park, in West Orange, New Jersey. What I didn't know about Llewellyn Park is pretty much everything. Like, that it's probably one of the most beautiful parks I've ever seen. Or, that it is the first gated community ever built. Or, that it was a home to many famous people throughout its existence, from inventors to magnates and politicians. And so on.

As impressive as Glenmont was, and let me tell you it was, Llewellyn Park simply took my breath away. If you have an opportunity, do not miss this visit.

And here is a little takeaway from Glenmont: after the guided tour of the house was finished, I walked around the property, just to sort of absorb the experience. While walking, I went back to the servants' entrance, and was struck by the beauty of the stained glass on the door. Here is one of the details:

While doing research about stained glass windows of that era, I found out that this was a very popular shape that can be found in many windows. The Cedars included. Unfortunately for the Cedars, somewhere along the way, somebody removed them, and we were left with "country" squares. Sad, but not permanent. We are told the fix could be as easy as replacing the panes with reproductions. That will be an interesting project!


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