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What is and what will never be

We were driving home the other night and listening to 104.3 FM. At about 8 pm every night, they have a show dedicated to the amazing Led Zeppelin. Well, this particular night, they happened to be playing the above-mention song. I found that particular song to be a perfect soundtrack for some of the thoughts we had about the House:

1. It has been in this location longer than in it's original spot on Upper Mountain Avenue.
2. It looked like this attempt at Cape Cod longer than it did as an Eastlake Victorian.

So, what exactly are we doing here? And why?


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We found the "missing" house

Thanks to one of our readers, Robert, who identified the house on South Mountain Avenue.

I almost crashed into a tree while looking at it and can't believe I never noticed it before. It was right there. I mean, it looks exactly the same as in this photo. Right?

The funny thing is that I drive by the house almost daily. Which goes to show you just how many things go unnoticed in our lives...

Award from Montclair Historic Preservation Commission

Our lovely porch restoration has won an award from the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission for Brick and Mortar Preservation project in the residential category.

We are very honored. Here is the story in Baristanet.

And here is the photo of the porch.

The awards ceremony is on Thursday, November 19. We hope to see you all there.

Kids Bath: Electrical - DONE

Electrical - DONE, TOO! Yay!

However, he opened a hole in the wall in the wrong place above the mirror, so now that needs to be patched up tomorrow. That means an extra day tacked on. We really wanted it to be finished tomorrow. We are already 4 days over schedule. Ugh.

I. Need. This. Job. To. End.