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Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours!

Now that we have a fire...

We need something to feed it with. The husband took it upon himself to supply us with firewood. And I didn't even have to ask. Here is the Little Man and the Grandpa loading it up from the driveway to the covered porch.

Unfortunately, the wood was freshly cut, and not sufficiently dry, a fact the hubby was not familiar with. So, the first attempt at fireplace lighting turned into a very smoky event. Now we are going to lay low for a few weeks until the wood dries out.

We have a fire!

It's actually quite awesome. I know, we sound like total novices, but this would be an official first time ever that any of us had actually built a fire on U.S. soil.

To witness this monumental event, we had my parents, my husband's parents, and our children present for the event. I wanted to do it while the kids are awake, in case of any issues, like excessive smoke, fire department visit, etc.

There was no need to worry - the chimney worked like a charm. I mean, after all, it was built 126 years ago, and has been serving the House since then.

So, we enjoyed the roaring fire and warmth it provided. We went quite quickly through the meager firewood supplies, so hubby went out and got some of that. Without having to be told. And he got a poker set. Again, without having to be asked. We were all quite shocked, but it passed.

Now, we are looking forward to a cozy winter.

New basement window

Among the swirl of activity that has been happening lately, I forgot to report that we had one more update to the House - a contractor has replaced an old, leaky window in the basement with a brand new one.

Now that it is getting a bit chillier, we are starting to notice the difference in the temperature of the room as opposed to the last winter. Just to remind you, in the dead of winter, there was at least a 5 degrees difference between the Kitchen and the Living Room. So, if the rest of the House and the Kitchen were 68, the Living Room, was, well, unlivable.

And now? With the new window, new insulation in the Basement ceiling/Living Room floor, new waterproof sheetrock on the Basement walls, plugging of a huge hole under the back terrace, covering of the fireplace, uncovering of the radiator, and peeling off the paint, we are down to 1 degree difference.

If we get the fireplace going, it could get down right cozy in there. Imagine that!

What is and what will never be

We were driving home the other night and listening to 104.3 FM. At about 8 pm every night, they have a show dedicated to the amazing Led Zeppelin. Well, this particular night, they happened to be playing the above-mention song. I found that particular song to be a perfect soundtrack for some of the thoughts we had about the House:

1. It has been in this location longer than in it's original spot on Upper Mountain Avenue.
2. It looked like this attempt at Cape Cod longer than it did as an Eastlake Victorian.

So, what exactly are we doing here? And why?