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Small stuff

It's amazing how maintenance and decorating projects get lost in the mix, when one, or the household, has other things to worry about.

Our firstborn has officially started preschool, and I have been consumed with making sure he is well adjusted and will not hate me 10 years from now. I am told I am wasting my time. Apparently, it's inevitable I will be proclaimed the worst mother in the Universe less than a dozen years from now. It appears to be a right of passage. But, I digress.

Since the weather hasn't been particularly cooperative these days, we decided to take the cover off of the Living Room radiator and attack the paint removal and a possible restoration. We figured with the cover gone, it will be a bit more comfortable than last winter. Hm, why is it that every project in this House starts with paint removal? Seriously?!?

We thought it will not be too difficult, considering that the paint was already peeling in many places. And we were not wrong. But, we weren't right either. It actually took 2 days of 6 hour scrapping and sanding to get it looking like this. Which is not bad, considering the other option of sandblasting at $25 per section. We have too many sections in this House.

Long story short, yes, the muscles are sore, but the radiator looks great. We are a bit disappointed that it is not a bit more ornate. Well, we can't have it all, right? Now comes the hard job of choosing the right paint. Oh, boy.


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