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Electrical Callback

Oh, yes, the electrician is finally getting a call back. On the agenda: five (yes, 5) ceiling fans, leftovers from the Spring, three sconces (2 in the Powder Room and 1 in the Guest Suite), and one small chandelier. I was so excited when I got a call on Saturday, I couldn't wait for the delivery, so I drove all the way to West Caldwell myself to pick everything up.

Once again, the wonderful folks at West Essex Lighting Studio were so amazing through the entire process, I can freely recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality lighting products. And their designers will even come to your house to take a look at the space and help you make a decision - free of charge. How cool is that?

Anyway, now that the boxes are stacked up on our kitchen table, I can't wait for the work to be done. We were told two weeks. Yikes!

And just like that...

The Summer is over. We took down the last of the air conditioners yesterday. And, of course, it is 80+ degrees today. Figures. Here they are, nicely stored in the sweltering attic, not doing any good to anybody.

Oh, well, at least the heat will evaporate any possible leftover liquid in the drains.

Is it me, or did this Summer just fly by? It seemed last year it was much, much longer. Oh, well. Long Fall/Winter will just give us an opportunity to ponder the future of air conditioning in the House for just a little bit longer.


Not really, but that's what it feels like some times. We are buying all these pieces of furniture that we are not really sure where we'll use and how. Latest find: this amazing room divider/screen made of solid wood, wrapped in embossed leather with gold leaf details. We just had to own it. It's not really an antique, simply vintage, even used, but even such, it was still magnificent.

The current plan is to use it as a decorative piece in the bedroom, behind the new bed, whenever we decide to get it. So, we wrapped it in old sheets and blankets, and are hiding it from kids and crayons under our current bed. Hopefully, it will last.

More issues with deer

You may, or may not, have noticed that we took a little break over the last few weeks of the summer. It was a very welcome break from many things, including all things "House".

However, the trouble just won't go away. We woke up last week to find these fawns deep in our backyard. Apparently, it was so hot, that their mother decided our linden tree's deep shade was a perfect place for them. And, that our yard was safe enough. Not good.

We tracked them back to see how they got in, considering we have deer fencing. Well, it appears that our next door neighbors' 4-foot fence is not an obstacle at all. And they figured out how to navigate around their cars and garage, walk through the juniper trees, and find a shade under our linden tree.

Oh, well. New landscaping project on the horizon.