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The green, green grass... ooops

Yeah, the more appropriate description would be something like "scorched Earth". I mean, it's just awful. And we actually don't feel as bad, since everyone seems to be in the same boat. Very few green lawns out there these days.

Yes, we could have watered more, but with so much grass and so little shade, it seemed like a waste of water, really. So, we let the automated sprinkler do its thing. It will grow back in the Fall anyway, right?!

A few interior design additions

With not much going on in terms of construction, we decided to add a few decorative elements to our living space. The first is this MacKenzie-Childs wrought iron farm bell, which we originally wanted to install by the back door. But, then thought better of it - the House is so huge, that we actually need something to communicate between the floors. This seemed like a perfect way to do it. And it's so much fun for the kids.

Also, having removed that monstrous refrigerator, we realized we had all this souvenir fridge magnets and no place to put them. Hubby thought a magnetic wall would be a perfect solution. And he was right. I got this one from Ikea. It was just the right size and the color.

But, if you require a custom size and different options, check out this place - Magnetic Wall. They are based in New York, and honestly, I was amazed with what they had to offer, including hand delivery and installation. Alas, we had to need for something this elaborate, but you never know. Right…

New century in the kitchen

Very happy to report that our appliances have joined the 21st century. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we decided to replace the dreaded water and electricity guzzlers, Maytag monsters, with modern, energy-efficient, and very nicely designed appliances.

This is our new refrigerator. Now that it is here, we can't believe we lived so long with what was there before. It's like a brand new kitchen, I swear. We have a wall we never knew existed. And there is no more that black trimmed elephant in the room. And the quiet.... Oh, the quiet humming... Amazing.

Big shout out goes to our local Karl's Appliance Store on Bloomfield Avenue. The staff was knowledgeable and supportive through the entire process. And we all know how stressful this purchase can be. Also, they entertained the kids while we shopped. How cool is that?

Hm, I think we are officially home

In an effort to get few more things off the official To Do List (nice, right?), I finally pulled the trigger and ordered our stationery. I had the hardest time making a decision on the design, until it dawned on me one day to use the House as the inspiration. This, of course, comes with its own set of problems, as printers won't: a) use color photos, b) retouch anything for you, especially the custom design, and c) will charge you an arm and a leg for every change, proof, etc. Awful, really. No wonder there are so many independent stationery makers these days. I do this very infrequently, so I guess I forgot what it is like.

So, here is the final result:

I used our magnificent window in the Hall as the basics. First, I had to convert the photo to black and white, then I had to "clean" all the little windows, because the printer threatened that all the little scuff marks will print. Then they said they couldn't engrave or thermograph this design, and will only print it …