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Around town

For months now, I have been exchanging emails with a local couple that held a same fascination with the Fenn family as I have. And they also had a reason that related to their house: it was designed by Alice Fenn Coffin, Harry Fenn's daughter that seemed to have inherited most of her father's artistic gene. And was very successfully using it.

This beautiful house is in the Eagle Rock neighborhood, and it is simply a gem. I don't know much about architecture, but looking at it I found many details that reminded me of The Cedars. Where they a "standard" for the time, or Alice's homage to her house she grew up in? No idea. But, it's fun discovering and asking the questions.


I have to say, I am very excited that I have one more item checked of my rather long to-do and wish list. The driveway is all patched up!

They told us that we have to stay off of it for at least 4-5 days, since it is not cooling of very fast in this weather. Frankly, we haven't even been using that way, simply because it was so bumpy, so it won't be exceedingly difficult. It is nice not to have to look at the dirt, though. Now we have to do something about that dying grass and dismal landscaping...

Belgian block is in

They came yesterday, completely unnoticed by a half a dozen people that currently reside in this House, and installed the Belgian block that was loose. I only noticed them when they finished and were revving up the truck engine to leave. Pretty cool. Go J. Martin Paving!

And just like that

We'll have the hole in the driveway patched up.

Actually, it will take a bit longer. While the guys at J. Martin Paving are great, it took them a month to get to our driveway. I know people get busy, but seriously. So, today, they scraped off the excess pavement, and am told will leave it to settle for a few days. Let's see what happens!

Conditioning the air or how to make a summer bearable in this climate

Yes, it's hot out there. You don't need me to tell you that.

A few weeks ago, my plan to try to live this summer without air conditioning, with the help of breeze and awnings, fell apart, as I almost fainted with heat exhaustion. The combination of two active toddlers, heat, and not enough water did me in. Hubby immediately went into action, and supplied us with 3 brand-spanking-new air conditioners, and combined them with the 2 we bought last year, installing everything within a few hours time.

I hate to admit this, but the last few days, I LOVE coming home. The House is at a comfortable 78-80 degrees (yes, that is quite comfortable). And they are on only during the day, since the House does get a really nice, cool breeze at night.

But, with the heat coming so fiercely, it started us again on the conversation of installing central air conditioning. Here are some options that we are entertaining:

1. Install the awnings and ceiling fans in all the upstairs rooms, and keep the windo…

A new tenant

After many, many unsuccessful attempts, our new tenant finally managed to build her nest. We feel privileged that she chose our place, especially considering all the traffic we've seen lately. One of our visitors told us that it might get really messy when the chicks hatch, but we don't mind.