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Real men don't need blue tape

And this is a story of how the best sheetrock and spackle job in the world got the worst paint job in the world.

Actually, the story begins a few years back, when my husband and I tried to repaint our apartment by ourselves. The picking of the colors was agonizing enough, but when we got into the realm of equipment, it got worse. You see, my husband didn't believe in tarp or blue tape. so, needless to say, we ended up in the heated argument over "spending" the money on such trivial and unnecessary "stuff". He thought he painted enough apartments in his life that he knew how to do it right.

It turns out, he didn't, but who's surprised. He was really upset with me for laying tarp and spending entire 2 days taping all the wood trim around the apartment. In a way, he was right - had I not taped everything, the job would have taken a weekend. This way, it took a week. And still I had blue streaks on my baseboard. Don't ask.

Fast forward to this weekend. We decided that the quoted price for repainting our bedroom once the construction was finished as simply too high and decided to do it ourselves. Rather, I hoped to do it myself. Well, my husband volunteered, and you never, ever turn down a guy when he volunteers to do something around the house. My mistake in all this was not supervising the work.

You see, he has this interesting zigzag technique of applying the paint to the walls. The result is not a smooth, even finish one would hope for, but a zigzag pattern of light and dark shades. He also likes to apply a lot, and I do mean a lot, of paint to his brushes and rollers. Dripping a lot. The result - my new, mirror-smooth ceiling is now "crying".

Well, the way I am seeing it, at least today, there are a few benefits to this situation:

1. I might finally be allowed to install crown molding, and

2. We, meaning he, now know better, and might be inclined to listen to directions and instructions with little more attention. For the next time.

And these are our little assistants, cleaning off the paint.


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