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On the agenda this weekend - mulch

Oh, yes, all 15 yards of it. We kept thinking the portion of our property that has flower beds was small, until I started measuring and calculating. Well, it turns out we have quite a lot of flower beds, or portions of the yard that are under a shade so heavy, nothing can grow there.

Because the kids are so small, I opted for the really good stuff: cedar, without any color. Because it's cedar, it doesn't need to be treated with any chemicals, and it's a natural bug repellent. So, I searched high and low for it. About a month. I even drove down to Riverdale to get samples in little sandwich bags. No, I was serious about this.

Most garden centers nowadays carry the mulch only in bags. And for 15 yards, that's a lot of bags. Two of the centers I frequent mostly suggested I talk to the guys at RER Supply, local branch of 1800Topsoil. They said they get their mulch from them, and considering the quantities and quality I want, it's best to go wholesale.

So, we did, and the truck just dumped it in my backyard. Happy Memorial Day to us! And let's get to work!


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