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Moving forward in style

These last few weeks have been so slow, I was beginning to worry the work will never be done. Guys would show up every so often, spend a few minutes here, and leave. The truth is, they have been waiting for the new door, which was at this point 10 days behind. So, when the delivery truck showed up at our door today, full 24 hours before the new scheduled delivery, it was greeted by jubilation and even screams of joy. Most of those were mine.

The real treat was seeing it being unloaded from the truck.

And the driver was so cool about it. They took down the windows, and as we were happily clapping, he said: "Wait until you see the door. It is magnificent." That was a mouthful from a delivery guy. But, he spoke the truth.

They were custom built by Lepage Millwork, based on the drawings by our architect, Mark Wright, which were based on the original windows, illustration of which I found in the New York Library. Wow! A mouthful.

The new doors and windows are being installed bright and early tomorrow morning. Moving forward.


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