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Gardening, or this is what it's like to really own your House

While waiting for the paint stripper to dry (fun pun, right?), I decided to do a little gardening over the weekend. The real reason for this is the fact that we haven't put down any mulch yet, and the weeds are starting to come in. Or that's what I thought.

After carefully looking at the green sprouts in the flower bed, I realized they were the some sort of bulbous plant. Apparently, during the backyard project last Fall, they didn't get all of them out. This would explain why some of my new perennials are not doing so well. So, I rolled up my sleeves to dig them out. I had to work around the roots of the perennials and around the new irrigation pipes. Not fun.

This is the final result.

These bulbs and their roots were so entrenched, that I had to dig out 2 foot sections right against the wall, pull them our bit by bit, and then follow the root to the next bulb. In the end, I was so frustrated, that I even pulled out the bulbs that I moved a few weeks ago and that were sprouting leaves, because I didn't want to have to do this again in a few years time. These things are awful, almost like weeds. Very hard to get out.

I can see a temptation of throwing a few bulbs in the ground that would give you beautiful flowers in the Spring without much work. Don't do it. For if you happen to want to change the plants, like we did, they will be a nightmare to get rid of.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to tell you how wonderful it feels to finally "own" your land. Not in a sense of any undisputed rights of use, but more of a feeling of belonging to a place, or location. Having put my hands into the ground, I can say that I know almost every square inch of my property, and it feels great. We've sort of accepted each other. OK, I'll stop with the crazy now.

Off to the garden center to get the mulch.


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