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Garden centers

We love our local Home Depot just as the next person. I mean, you can get anything there these days. But, nothing beats a good garden center. And in the last few days, I discovered three.

One of these is Ploch's in Clifton, on Broad Street. It is very easy to reach and very close, so you can be out of there in minutes. They have great and very knowledgeable staff that will help you with tips on anything relating gardens. And the selection of annuals, perennials, trees, vegetables, herbs - never ending.

The other one is Orange Garden Center in Orange. Also close. About 5 miles from the House. They are about the same size as Ploch's, with similar selections and really nice staff. I know this probably shouldn't be on a checking list when making a decision which one to use, but Orange has a really nicely decorated entrance. Just saying.

The third, smallest one, in right here on Bloomfield Avenue, in Verona, very close to the Verona Park. In case you need something really fast and hate driving.

Happy planting!


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