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Heating Woes

The heating issues have now become heating woes. The furnace stops working at least once a week, without any warning or explanation. I start it back up, and by the time service crew shows up, everything looks fine.

Well, when it went out this morning, I've had just about enough, and I called everyone at our service company: account manager, supervisor, customer service - everybody. To their credit, they called me back really fast. Every conversation started of a little defensive, as in it's not such a big problem, you only called four times in the last four week, etc. By what definition calling your service company once a week four weeks in a row regarding a spanking new boiler is not a problem, I do not know, but I didn't want to be confrontational or adversarial or facetious. I just wanted it fixed. When they realized I am not laying any blame on anyone, and that I am not yelling or calling anybody names (very unusual for me, as those that know me will tell you), they were rather helpful and solution-driven.

So, tomorrow, we will have a new transformer and a check valve, which was apparently NOT installed when they put in the new tank in the basement.

Hopefully, that will work. And now, my rant is done. Thanks for reading.


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