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Nothing new here

Well, we did get a new toilet in the guest bathroom... Long story, the one you certainly don't want to hear about. We also fixed a glitch in the shower. Amazing how things break when people start using them.

And the second the plumber left the House, the kitchen faucet went absolutely crazy.

Anyway, we are now exploring insulation options for the Living Room, because on a cold night, like tonight, it is almost unbearable. Last month, we spent $100 using the electric heater to keep the room livable for a few hours, to watch some prime time TV after kids go to sleep. Not very economical. Or safe. I hate the damn things. Someone is always tripping over the cable. And the last person out of the room always forgets to turn it off.

Hm, I guess we did have a few things happen.

Question: I keep seeing ladybugs around the House. Is this another potential problem?

Never a boring day around here.


  1. I think ladybugs are just a symptom of location, not of a problem in your house. Your house issues sound like an amped up version of ours. Insulation is in the top three on our list as well. Good luck!

  2. hahahaha, thanks for the laugh Kristin. Isn't insulations on everyone's list these days? It seems to be a very frequent cocktail party theme these days :)

  3. Selma, Hi it's Seth from the MHS workshop yesterday. You were sitting next to my wife and I was one seat over to your right. I got on to check your blog out after the seminar. We had the same issue with our family room being absolutely freezing. The old decorative windows were the main reason; they are so drafty. I found this site and bought inserts for a few rooms - the family room, some single-pane windows on our staircase, and our master bath. It has made a big difference. It's still not perfectly warm, but it helps a lot. Check out the site...they offer historic preservation discounts of 10-20%.

  4. Thanks Seth. And nice talking to you on Saturday. Unfortunately, we have relatively new windows in the living room, so that is not it. It looks like it's coming from the basement, or what used to be old garage, so we have to insulate from below. Well, at least we get to use the room while the work is being done, and no dust around the House :)

  5. We just insulated a dead space, created by the architecture of our house's slanted room, that was over our freezing family room. The area was over our room (which was probably a sleeping porch at one time) and we still have an uninsulated crawl space under the room, but the effect is UNBELIEVABLE! Even on these frigid nights, we can sit comfortably and watch TV in there without turning on the electric space heater! I'm researching insulation for the rest of the house now, which I'm convinced is more effective and cost efficient than new windows. Good luck!

  6. Thanks Amy! We've just gotten a proposal for insulating the space under the room, which is really necessary, because you see and hear the cold air blowing. It should be done in a few weeks, so will keep you posted on that. One of the guys we had over also suggested we insulate the ceiling/floor space, but that's a bit impractical, because we have old floor boards, and God know what we will find there... Glad to hear you guys are getting toastier :)


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