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Your Old House Workshops

I am please to announce that we've been invited to participate as panelists in the workshop program titled Your Old House in Montclair. The program is co-sponsored by Montclair Historical Society and Van Vleck Gardens, two amazing organizations here in town.

It will be a four workshop series with many experts offering advice on many fronts, and us, sharing our "real life" story. It should be very educational and fun.

You can read more about it here. Hope to see you there.

Off to Europe

For a romantic weekend. Both our parents are holding down the fort, so hopefully the House will still be standing when we get back, and our kids will be alive and well.

See you on Monday! Wish us luck.

Nothing new here

Well, we did get a new toilet in the guest bathroom... Long story, the one you certainly don't want to hear about. We also fixed a glitch in the shower. Amazing how things break when people start using them.

And the second the plumber left the House, the kitchen faucet went absolutely crazy.

Anyway, we are now exploring insulation options for the Living Room, because on a cold night, like tonight, it is almost unbearable. Last month, we spent $100 using the electric heater to keep the room livable for a few hours, to watch some prime time TV after kids go to sleep. Not very economical. Or safe. I hate the damn things. Someone is always tripping over the cable. And the last person out of the room always forgets to turn it off.

Hm, I guess we did have a few things happen.

Question: I keep seeing ladybugs around the House. Is this another potential problem?

Never a boring day around here.

We found the "missing" house

Thanks to one of our readers, Robert, who identified the house on South Mountain Avenue.

I almost crashed into a tree while looking at it and can't believe I never noticed it before. It was right there. I mean, it looks exactly the same as in this photo. Right?

The funny thing is that I drive by the house almost daily. Which goes to show you just how many things go unnoticed in our lives...

Happy New Year!

Quick update on the roof work:

We found the contractor and are set on the budget. The details should be ironed out on Saturday. And we should be ready to go in the spring... Wow. Finally.

Quick shout out to a fellow blogger, author of a website about Lawrence C. Earle, a talented painter who did Fenn's portrait you can see here. It is a really well-researched site with a very comprehensive list of sources. I highly recommend it.

One of my New Year resolutions is to finally finish the work at the American Watercolor Society. Having said that, this month we have the following on the agenda: a trip to Europe, a family visit, and a surgery. So, I'm guessing, this is not going to happen until at least February. One can always dream...