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The Star Ledger Article is OUT!

Read it here. It is a nice, feel good piece.

More importantly, it will hopefully draw attention to us and other owners of historic homes, who are restoring these wonderful old buildings at our own dime. This was really the point I wanted to make when giving the interview - yes, it is expensive, but somebody other than me should care about this beautiful House. To that end, people like us should get some sort of help or break, something!

Anyway, we are both (yes, both) very much encouraged by the comments from the readers, and we thank you for them.

I just hope I haven't come off too much as an idle and spiteful housewife.


  1. Article is great - you might like to join the Northern NJ Victorian society - we meet 3rd Monday of the month at the Montclair Woman's club at 82 Union Street. Our speaker in November was Sam White, architect and great grand son of Stanford White of McKim Mead and White. In January it will be Ulysses Dietz, director on Newark Museum Decorative arts dept.(make sure you visit the Balantine House there a great Victorian Home) We have many members restoring homes and each year award a preservation award to notable restorations.
    Visit Makeready Press too - she has many old post cards and your house might have had one done at one time. Adriana Otoole

  2. Thanks Adriana - thanks for the tips. We have considered attending the meetings, but I think there is a scheduling conflict, since most of them are around dinner/sleep time. And with 2 small kids, very difficult. We will certainly try and make them in the future, or at least become full-time members for the time being.


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