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The roof, the roof...

... Is finally patched up. Three cheers for Jason, the man who fixed it for us. Hopefully, it will hold until April, when the replacement work will start, and I can put away all the buckets and old towels hanging out in my bathroom. Maybe the smell will go away too... One can always hope...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for this Christmas and the upcoming New Year from the Avdicevic family!

We hope to see you again in 2010.

The Star Ledger Article is OUT!

Read it here. It is a nice, feel good piece.

More importantly, it will hopefully draw attention to us and other owners of historic homes, who are restoring these wonderful old buildings at our own dime. This was really the point I wanted to make when giving the interview - yes, it is expensive, but somebody other than me should care about this beautiful House. To that end, people like us should get some sort of help or break, something!

Anyway, we are both (yes, both) very much encouraged by the comments from the readers, and we thank you for them.

I just hope I haven't come off too much as an idle and spiteful housewife.

Is it totally strange...

That we have wild turkeys in our backyard? Wow! I thought they were not very friendly.


The bids have started to come in. We are not happy, not happy at all. More on this over the weekend, once we collect all the numbers and feedback from the contractors.

I just have a feeling something is wrong... Otherwise, why would it take them this long?

Do you know this house?

One of the Fenn family members sent me this photo. They are trying to find out whose house this was and where it was located. The original photograph is mounted on a piece of cardboard, and there is no information on the back. They went as far as to restore and enlarge the photo, with no luck.

So, anybody out there that can help us?

Maybe I will, maybe I won't

That's sort of what is going on with Star Ledger story. Apparently, it was supposed to run today, but the editor wasn't happy with the photos. So, they are coming back on Monday to reshoot. And that means I have to do my hair and make up. Auch!

Will let you know the next publishing date. I casualy mentioned that it might be one of those feel-good-holidays-story, so that is probably what they are going with.

Happy first snow of the season!

A Surprise Visitor

A Fenn family member (by marriage) came to see us a few days ago. My husband announced her sarcastically as a "blog fan". This was after he walked out of the House to try and scare her from taking any photos. After, he asked me what is it exactly that I am doing that has people caring so much to call, email, and stop by.

You see, he is still not 100 percent sold on the idea of restoring the House, even if we do it in pieces. In his mind, the House is perfect as it is, and he simply doesn't want to do anything that doesn't need to be done. I agree with that - only the squeaky wheels should get replaced. But, they should be replaced with what was there originally, right?

So, "blog fans", keep coming over and persuading him that we are doing a great thing for this and all future generations.

And Kelly, it was very nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.