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Today, we lost a piece of the House

Not figuratively. It is an actual part of the House. A window sash, to be exact. I was walking up the stairs and noticed a very strong, cold breeze. At first, I thought the contractor who was here this morning forgot to close the door leading to the terrace. When I went there, everything was fine. The room was a little cold, but otherwise fine. When I closed the door and walked through the hallway, I realized the breeze was coming from an opposite direction - the guest bathroom. Sometimes, one of the sashes on the casement window swings open. Well, this time, it looks like it flew away. I can't seem to find it anywhere... It's not on the roof, not in the bushes, and not on the ground... It simply vanished...

It is as if his spirit is still around...

This is what my husband said after I showed him another article about the House I found at the New York Public Library, in which it talks about warm, filtered sunshine yellow walls in the Drawing Room and the Moorish lamps. The illustration also shows a large, very deep sofa draped in thick, gold damask. We chose a warm yellow for the Living Room when we painted it last year.... Just seemed to fit there. And we were toying with installing a large antique Moroccan chandelier...

Also, with this illustration, we now have an image of the second fireplace as well.

But, what really made us think was an image of a small shelf next to the vestibule door, or what is now a Powder Room door. See, the shelf is in a shape of an Oriental arch - the exact same shape of the mirror I hung there when we moved in. Makes you think, does it not?

Wordless Wednesday - Mr. Fenn in his later years

I obtained this image from the New York Public Library. They have a clippings file on Fenn, and quite a lot of his illustrations. More about that later in the week.

Project Backyard - DONE!!!

While this was probably one of the least painful projects that we'll undertake around the House, I am glad it is over. The staging area was right under my daughter's window, and napping was, well, almost nonexistent. Enough to send a mother over the edge, or simply crying in the corner of the kitchen.

The results are magnificent. I mean, we liked it when they cleared the weeds, that was enough for us, so this is a cause for celebration. Let us know what you think.

Top Soil is IN

They spent the WHOLE day removing little rocks, old leaves, dead roots, and finally grading. They were also digging the last of the irrigation. Don't ask. I mean, they stopped working last week and left early because they heard it might rain, only to have to come back on Saturday and put down pipes with the machines sinking into the dirt almost a foot. Not very smart. Well, it's done. Sod is in tomorrow and it will finally be over.