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Something interesting happened over the weekend....

I was contacted by a Harry Fenn biographer. Her name is Sue Rainey, and she has published several books and articles on Harry Fenn and his works. She is currently working on his biography, which I am very pleased about. I hope we can help each other. Here is some information about her that I found on Internet:

"Sue Rainey is historian of American graphic arts, with particular interest in the artists who drew landscapes and cityscapes for periodical and book illustrations. A member of the American Historical Print Collectors Society, she holds degrees from Duke and Columbia Universities. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia."

She is sending me her works. This is really a fantastic discovery. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that liked his work and was interested in him as much as we are now. Obviously, our motives are different, and one year ago we didn't know Harry Fenn from the hole in a wall. Why hasn't it ever occurred to us to search Amazon for anything Fenn related?

So, here it is. Sue Rainey's book on Fenn's work titled "Creating Picturesque America". Enjoy.


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We found the "missing" house

Thanks to one of our readers, Robert, who identified the house on South Mountain Avenue.

I almost crashed into a tree while looking at it and can't believe I never noticed it before. It was right there. I mean, it looks exactly the same as in this photo. Right?

The funny thing is that I drive by the house almost daily. Which goes to show you just how many things go unnoticed in our lives...

Award from Montclair Historic Preservation Commission

Our lovely porch restoration has won an award from the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission for Brick and Mortar Preservation project in the residential category.

We are very honored. Here is the story in Baristanet.

And here is the photo of the porch.

The awards ceremony is on Thursday, November 19. We hope to see you all there.

Kids Bath: Electrical - DONE

Electrical - DONE, TOO! Yay!

However, he opened a hole in the wall in the wrong place above the mirror, so now that needs to be patched up tomorrow. That means an extra day tacked on. We really wanted it to be finished tomorrow. We are already 4 days over schedule. Ugh.

I. Need. This. Job. To. End.