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The Contracts Are In!

The landscaping is scheduled for mid-October. Very excited. After this weekend's very traumatic experience, we decided to install deer fencing as well.

We were having breakfast and our 2-year-old excitedly pointed through the window at our backyard and said: "Deer." The boys went through a series of oh's and ah's, and then it got quiet. Suddenly, my husband started waving me over: "I think she is giving birth. You have to see this." Having been through two labors of my own, I wasn't particularly interested, but then I realized it was a wrong time of the year. Looking closer, I saw a set of very young antlers and what my husband thought was a fawn, were in fact this young buck's insides. The skin on his belly was torn and trailing between his hind legs, and his intestines were dripping blood.

My first reaction was to scream, but I didn't want to scare the poor animal or my children, because I wanted them to have a better and healthier relationship with nature, having suffered through a childhood with a mother afraid of, well, pretty much everything that moved and some inanimate objects as well. But, that is a subject for a different blog. Anyway, I tried to explain to the kids what is going on and that even events of this kind are a part of nature, when it struck me: deer have no natural enemies any more in this part of the world, there is no population control on our (human) part, and they are so over-populated that they are venturing into a dense neighborhood for food in early September. I can't even imagine what it will be like come November.

So, we are installing deer fencing and I am going to start reviving the online petition for deer management. The Town and the County really must do something.

That aside, we have also finalized the contract with the architect. First drafts are expected next weekend. I will keep you posted on the progress. It does not seem like that to me, but I've been told that we are on a very aggressive schedule as far as drawings and bid process is concerned. The work is starting first week of November. Aggressive is tomorrow, if you ask me. 7 weeks? Not so much. But, that is our own fault, and we must live with it.


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