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History - Part II: Who Was Harry Fenn? Timeline

1866. - American Society of Painters in Water Colors is instituted. Fenn, Harry (Henry) was elected as a Member.

1867-8. - First exhibit of the Society (image to the right). Fenn exhibited the following works:
  1. Toilers of the Sea
  2. Sketch Near Genoa (owned by J.T. Fields)
  3. Church Porch, Levington, England (owned by J.T. Fields)
  4. Pietra Santa Lucca
He is listed as having residence in Montclair, N.J.

1868-9. - Second exhibit. Fenn is showing the following works:
  1. A Tomb on the Apian Way, Roman Campagna
  2. Study of Boats, Port of Venice, Gulf of Shezzia (owned by Samuel Wilde)
  3. A Winter Study, Montclair, N.J.
  4. A Twilight Study, Near Portland, M.E.
  5. By the Well
He is listed as having residence in Montclair, N.J.

1871-2. - Fenn exhibits the following:
  1. The Mouth of the St. Johns River, Fla.
  2. Study from the Sister Islands, Niagara
Still residing in Montclair.

1873. - Fenn exhibits:
  1. The Ghetto, Rome
  2. Entrance to Watkin's Glen (owned by Dr. J. W. Pinkham)
  3. Cavern Cascade, Watkin's Glen (owned by Dr. J. W. Pinkham)
  4. Goat Island, Niagara
Still residing in Montclair.

1875. - Listed as residing in England.

1876. - Listed as residing in England.

1877. - Listed as residing in England. This is the year the Society also started accepting advertising in their catalogues. They are also starting to list prices.

1878. - Fenn exhibits the following:
  1. The Lower Soko, Tangiers, Morocco $200
  2. Carigan Head, Donegal, Ireland $150
Fenn is listed as residing in Egypt.

1879-80. - Fenn is still in Egypt. There are no works exhibited.

1880-1. - Fenn is in Egypt.

1881-2. - Fenn is listed as Non-Resident Member for the first time. There is no location listed. Also, interesting tidbit: it appears that someone was going through the catalogues in 1913. There was a piece of calendar from January 1913 inside the catalogue as a bookmark with words "Sorted".

1883. - Fenn is back. He is also listed as Catalogue Committee Member, probably because he spent the last few years illustrating books. The following works are exhibited:
  1. Marshall's Creek, P.A. $350
  2. The Star Inn, Yarmouth $100
  3. A Surrey Cottage $100
  4. A Connemara Cabin $250
  5. To Fetch a Pail of Water or Little Mabel on Midsummer's Day $125
  6. The Orchard Lane $175
He was residing at 16 West 23rd Street, NYC. I will check on Monday if that address still exists or rather is it still the original house, which I doubt.

Also, the same year Fenn's work appeared in Lizzie W. Champney's book "John Angelo at the Water Color Exhibition." Mrs. Champney was a wife of J.R. Champney, who was Fenn contemporary. In fact, this book contained a lot of works that were in the exhibit. It is "a novel for youth", and you can read it here. Very interesting read. Reminds me of Jane Austen.

1884. - Fenn is still residing at 16 West 23rd Street. He is exhibiting the following:
  1. An Autumn Sketch $60
  2. The Landing $50
  3. A Pennsylvania Bee Colony $125
1885. - Fenn is residing at 141 St. Mark's Avenue, Brooklyn, L.I. Interesting move. This is the year that The House was being finished. He is exhibiting the following works:
  1. Rye and Sorrel $150
  2. Ronda $150
  3. Gardiner's Island $100
  4. "The Lone Hand" $125
1886. - There is no mention of Fenn in the catalogue, except as Resident Member.

1887. - Fenn is listed as residing in Montclair, N.J. again. He is exhibiting the following:
  1. A Corner of the Studio $125
  2. The Green Mosque from the Bazaar of the Meldan, Damascas $300
There is an illustration of the "The Green Mosque" in the catalogue. The details are amazing. While I do like his paintings, I can see why he was more popular as an illustrator.

1888. - Still in Montclair. He exhibits the following:
  1. The Washing Ground of Madrid
  2. A Study of Weeds $60
  3. A Doorway in Granada $200
  4. A Sketch at Montclair $75
This is as far as I got.

If there is anyone out there that can help me track some of this art work, originals preferably, please contact me. Or if you are an owner of any of these works. I would love to see them in person.


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