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American Watercolor Society Visit

I had an to opportunity spend several hours at the AWS offices today. I reviewed the exhibit catalogues through 1888. So, only 23 years to go...

Joking aside, it is amazing how much one can discover from turning those pages. Here is a brief timeline of Fenn's whereabouts as seen through AWS eyes:

1867 - Member
1875 - Active Member
1878 - Non-resident Member
1883 - Resident Member
1903 - Active Member
1910 - Active Member
1911 - Active Member (last mention)

Since I feel very tired, I am starting to make some terrible spelling mistakes and my writing is completely uninspired. So, I am going to get some rest and give you the detailed timeline with names of the paintings for sale through 1888 when I wake up tomorrow. Have a good night.


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We found the "missing" house

Thanks to one of our readers, Robert, who identified the house on South Mountain Avenue.

I almost crashed into a tree while looking at it and can't believe I never noticed it before. It was right there. I mean, it looks exactly the same as in this photo. Right?

The funny thing is that I drive by the house almost daily. Which goes to show you just how many things go unnoticed in our lives...

Award from Montclair Historic Preservation Commission

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