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Before & After - attic bathroom

Now that the dust has settled, it's nice to admire your accomplishment, right?
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Attic bathroom reno - day 37

We've done it!

It was a close call there for a minute, but we made it. We can board our flight tomorrow morning with the knowledge that the project is finished (except for a few punch list items).

The painter, originally scheduled for Monday, had to be rescheduled, since the carpenter couldn't come on Saturday to finish his portion of the work. Then the painter couldn't do Tuesday. He had to do it today, but because it needed to be finished today, and it is a 2-day job, they were here at 8 am, and stayed until 9 pm. It's been a long day.

In any event, here are the final photos. What do you think?

Attic bathroom reno - day 33

Sorry for being MIA, but the tile work progress was slow due to the overlap with the other job. So, rather then venting my frustration here, I decided to be an adult about it, and roll with it. But, we are cutting it close. The job needs to be finished in the next 5 days, as we are traveling. And getting contractors in after a 10 day break on a job, is a nightmare. They move on.

In any case, the tile installation was finished on Thursday. Nobody went in on Friday, so that grout and silicone can cure. Today is Saturday, and the guys who install the shower enclosure just left. Here is the result:
The door clears the toilet by an inch or so. It was a little tense for a moment, when nobody was sure if in fact it will. But, it worked out. I kept repeating: "But, but, but, I measured it. It has to fit." They made it fit. Phew!

Also, wanted to share this tile detail I absolutely LOVE.
The tile has this metallic sheen that works differently in different light. Stunning.

Huge thanks …

Attic bathroom reno - day 26

I know there are many exciting and beautiful things happening with this renovation, but I didn't expect these shelves to be my favorites. And they are. I can't fathom that someone actually enclosed all that space behind the wall. So silly.

Attic bathroom reno - day 24

Aaaaand, we are back in business. The trees were finally cleared from the streets, so everyone can get in and out. But, then we realized we almost liked it better blocked, because we were spending time with neighbors, kids were playing together outside, which we rarely do.

In any case, the tile installer made a LOT of progress these 2 days. Check it out!

I've decided that the floor tile was so pretty, I wanted to see more of it, so I asked him to install it as a back splash. It is working beautifully. And the shower enclosure is coming in really well.

Nothing to see here...

Because we have no electricity. And the street is blocked by 8 gigantic trees. Meet Betty, our new best friend.

Attic bathroom reno - day 20

You know that storm I was talking about? Well, it's here. And it is a monster. It looks like a war zone out there. Trees down everywhere. Power lines down everywhere as well. And we just lost power too. Our children were at friends' houses, and we can't get to them... It's a mess. Stay home, everyone. No place to go. Enjoy your loved ones, and a good fire.

This is a photo I took last night on our block. The light in the background is a street lamp.