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Because... spray paint

My husband thinks I have a thing for spray paint, which may or may not be true. What is true, is that I have been going around the house for the last few weeks spray painting everything in sight. I repainted the front porch chairs. Then I repainted the bench. Then the planters. Then I turned my sights to the backyard.

This is today:
I mean, it is so easy. You grab a can of paint and go to town. Having finished this project, I was wondering that maybe I should have gone with teal color. Oh well, there's always next summer.

What I don't like about repainting furniture, especially these wrought iron pieces, is that you loose the depth patina and dirt gives it. However, given a choice between patina and actually having furniture that doesn't rust away, I choose - spray paint 😀
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Lost in translation

Three years ago, we decided to change the landscaper. While they were decent providers of the maintenance services, my conversations with the owner of the company (being that I am always the one communicating with contractors), always sounded something like this:

Me: The grass is looking weird. Should it not be, I don't know, greener?
Him: Yeah. It probably needs to be fertilized.
Me: OK. Can you please fertilize it?
Him: No. We fertilize in the Fall.
Me: OK. Can you please fertilize it in the Fall?
Him: OK. Just remind me.
Me: 😕

This is the exact same conversation we had about aeration, lime, weeds, mulch, or anything else that needed to be done in the yard. So, we decided to get a contract with a landscaper our neighbor uses. Their grass looks awesome. All the time.

At first, it all looked great. The owner came over, and spent over an hour walking the property with us. We told him what we want done over the course of 9 months that we need their services. He sent over the contra…

Mahogany front steps - maintenance time

Because of the hectic schedule last summer, I hired a contractor to re-finish the front porch and the front steps. As amazing as mahogany wood is, it needs periodic maintenance, in the form of a coat of oil finish. Our steps especially, because they are open to the elements, both rain and sun.

Over the years, I tried different products, and found that this one is by far the best. No surprise, it is also the most expensive.
So, when giving instructions to the contractor, I specified this product, and even said I will pay for it, because, well, I want it done right. Then I packed up and left to visit my parents. When I came back a month later, no surprise here, it was VERY evident that he didn't use the finish I wanted. So, the work that was supposed to last at least 2 years, barely made it one.

To make sure the work is done well, it needs to be done at least 2 days after the rain, so the wood is not wet. You also need at least 24 hours for the oil to absorb and dry. And then you ne…

Rain, rain, go away...

For a few weeks now, I've been trying to finish some of the necessary maintenance items around the house. A few of them involved paint touch ups. Most of them involved planting, which I don't like on a good day, let alone when it rains. Why, you ask? Well, I just don't. I don't have a green thumb or the patience one needs to grow things.

Despite the handicap, I decided now is a good time to plant a tree in the front yard. I've always been a fan of weeping willows, and I wanted one in our yard. And willows like water, so this might actually work out for me. I found this young one (one of the last ones, I might add), at the Cedar Grove Garden Center on Pompton, one of my favorite sources of perennials.
It has now been in the ground for a month, and fingers crossed, it will survive.

Before & After - attic bathroom

Now that the dust has settled, it's nice to admire your accomplishment, right?

Attic bathroom reno - day 37

We've done it!

It was a close call there for a minute, but we made it. We can board our flight tomorrow morning with the knowledge that the project is finished (except for a few punch list items).

The painter, originally scheduled for Monday, had to be rescheduled, since the carpenter couldn't come on Saturday to finish his portion of the work. Then the painter couldn't do Tuesday. He had to do it today, but because it needed to be finished today, and it is a 2-day job, they were here at 8 am, and stayed until 9 pm. It's been a long day.

In any event, here are the final photos. What do you think?

Attic bathroom reno - day 33

Sorry for being MIA, but the tile work progress was slow due to the overlap with the other job. So, rather then venting my frustration here, I decided to be an adult about it, and roll with it. But, we are cutting it close. The job needs to be finished in the next 5 days, as we are traveling. And getting contractors in after a 10 day break on a job, is a nightmare. They move on.

In any case, the tile installation was finished on Thursday. Nobody went in on Friday, so that grout and silicone can cure. Today is Saturday, and the guys who install the shower enclosure just left. Here is the result:
The door clears the toilet by an inch or so. It was a little tense for a moment, when nobody was sure if in fact it will. But, it worked out. I kept repeating: "But, but, but, I measured it. It has to fit." They made it fit. Phew!

Also, wanted to share this tile detail I absolutely LOVE.
The tile has this metallic sheen that works differently in different light. Stunning.

Huge thanks …